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When the elegance of design meets the genuinity of a man, you get high-quality spaces! Badri has been pillar & post of every craft of Mestiere. His passion, perseverance, and dedication have been the shining light guiding this firm since 1995. A designing student from the Jensen & Nicholson, Badri in his early days was associated with leading architectural & Interior design practices in Chennai, Bengaluru, Mumbai.
He accentuated the adaptation & sharpen necessary skills for transforming people’s dreams, aspirations into reality. The dynamics of his design sensibility and a keen eye for rare talents of the designing world has made him surrounded by professionals & robust characters. His dedication towards clients and a long sustainable relationship has created loyal partnerships over the years. He has been energetic, a voracious reader, and a research mind with frequent travel exposure that helps him develop spaces with purpose and contemporary styles.
Designing and building houses is not a job. It’s a passion.

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About Mestiere

Mestiere has been the legacy that Royale Buildings has built upon through constant efforts of delivering bespoke luxury interior design. Ever since the inception of Royale Buildings, 23 years ago, it has crafted panache and elegance to many interior spaces for clients all over the nation. The interior architecture firm based in Bengaluru, India, has completed more than 500 projects for different domains of businesses and clients deploying contemporary, classical style & pattern.

The firm analyzes client’s complete requirements and envisages the expectations of the design. And, Mestiere is not just all about design; it is the craft of executing this design into excellent interiors that sets them apart from others. The design firm has a considerable talent pool of bright young qualified architects, Interior designers & engineers passed out from premium institutions who are experienced in design and execution of multi-faceted projects. Mestiere has collaborated with many international design & art fraternity from countries like Italy, Greece, the United Kingdom and Spain to bring about global value for interior projects. Such collaborations with experienced professionals from different demographics have helped us cater to corporate houses across business domains from several parts of the world, including couple of commercial & residential projects in Malaysia and the United States.

Mestiere is known for its end-to-end interior architecture solutions and has been successful in delivering turnkey projects for many giant firms from both India and overseas. Organizations & independent clients can choose turnkey projects, and be rest assured on getting quality space. The team conduct comprehensive research & analyses the space heuristics, designs and materiality and provides complete project without any oversight. Clients can easily visualize the entire project through design simulations created by our thoughtful designers. These designers use advanced techniques like computer-aided designs (CAD), 3d model making, virtual reality and other tools & techniques to make the client realize the final output before job’s commencement. Once a client approves the design, the project is executed by a project management team with experienced work team associated with the firm for years.

The project management team ensures on final output that was visualized in the simulation. This organisation sustained and grown through word of mouth and references from the existing clients.

Whether it’s a residential commercial or a project from hospitality, retail, institutional interior and landscape, Mestiere leaves no stone unturned for your vision to come alive!

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